Friday, March 28, 2008

Think Socks

It's Friday, time to Fight the Frump with Fussy!

This week I want to talk about socks. Yes, SOCKS. All winter long your socks have been hiding under your pants and shoes. Nobody has noticed the stretched-out tops, holes in the toes, faded, dingy, stained, maybe-matching casings on your feet.

They may be comfy, but they do nothing for your look, unless the look you are going for is Frumpy. With spring here, it's time to get some new socks. But you need to be careful when shopping for socks. You don't want to look like this:

Hello 80's!

Or This:

Gym class anyone?

I don't care who says they are in style. Please, do not wear tube socks in public unless you are a skater or the teen girlfriend of a skater. Even then...I wouldn't wear them.

Instead, might I suggest the quarter sock:

Simple and always stylish, they come in many fun colors. Quarter socks are high enough to wear comfortably with your favorite sneakers and low enough to be paired with shorts (and shoes, never with sandals) without looking all 80's. So go buy some socks, your feet will thank you.
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DaisyBug said...

My seven year old son and I wear the same size socks... how weird does THAT feel??

Anywho - I need some new socks - Actually I need more trouser socks. I have a lot of ankle socks like you show here - they don't work under black dress pants though do they? LOL...

Kendra said...

I can also wear my 7year olds socks just like daisybug. lol

You just gotta love the tube socks though! HA!

Valarie said...

We go through sock here like water. Between softball, baseball and a 7 year old boy in general. So I end up buying the same style of white no show socks, so that I can always find somekind of a match.

fullheartandhands mama said...

Isn't it sad that this even needs to be said. Off to check my sock drawer!

Darla said...

Just this last winter I found my love for fun sox (sassy sox). RAWK ON!

Melody said...

Just the other day I saw two young girls walking around our block in striped socks above the knees!! That's not coming back, is it???

Please say no!

I so need to go buy trouser socks this weekend - i actually wore some of hubby's black socks to work this week (YUCK!!!) because the dryer ate half of every pair I own. Seriously - I had five or six pairs of trouser socks - all different colors - and now I have five or six trouser socks (notice I didn't say pairs!!!)

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

My mother-in-law loves socks. Easy present, I say!

I love to check out the clearance racks at Gap for socks for the girls and me. They have the cutest patterns, and I just wait till there down to 99 cents (or even lower) before buying.

Of course, as soon as it's REALLY spring, I'll be wearing my super dressy :) flipflops all the time!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

dude! Jane knows how to spell, really.

please substitute "they're" for that "there" in my comment. Doh!

Lil Mouse said...

if i could find some tube socks, i'd be happy. i found some knee high socks a couple of years ago and have worn holes clear through all the heels with my boots. :-( now i can't really wear my boots, and that and a new pair of sandals is all the shoes i have. sneakers dont count. anyway, i can't find tall socks anywhere now, and i need them desperately! ack!

Sarah said...

I just want to know when disposable self-destructing socks will come into vogue. I just can't bring myself to sit and match socks. I end up with huge unmatched piles and complaining kids and husband. How old does your family have to be to learn to fold their own?!

Christine @ Serenity How? said...

Cracking up over the slouch sock picture!

Great tip and I completely agree about the quarter socks. I get those, too. :)

HRH said...

So easy to forget such an important thing!

Dean said...

Hey Im looking for some of those 80's stripes socks for a last minute halloween costume. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!