Friday, March 28, 2008

Think Socks

It's Friday, time to Fight the Frump with Fussy!

This week I want to talk about socks. Yes, SOCKS. All winter long your socks have been hiding under your pants and shoes. Nobody has noticed the stretched-out tops, holes in the toes, faded, dingy, stained, maybe-matching casings on your feet.

They may be comfy, but they do nothing for your look, unless the look you are going for is Frumpy. With spring here, it's time to get some new socks. But you need to be careful when shopping for socks. You don't want to look like this:

Hello 80's!

Or This:

Gym class anyone?

I don't care who says they are in style. Please, do not wear tube socks in public unless you are a skater or the teen girlfriend of a skater. Even then...I wouldn't wear them.

Instead, might I suggest the quarter sock:

Simple and always stylish, they come in many fun colors. Quarter socks are high enough to wear comfortably with your favorite sneakers and low enough to be paired with shorts (and shoes, never with sandals) without looking all 80's. So go buy some socks, your feet will thank you.
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fighting the Frump - Take a Bath

Today is Friday so it is time to Fight the Frump (finally)! My advice to everyone - Take a Bath! Not a you-smell-funky-so-go-clean-yourself-bath, but a time-to-use-those-bath-beads-you-got-for-Christmas-bath. A beauty bath, just for pampering your wonderful self.

STEP 1: Scrub the tub. Find five minutes to attack the tub with some baking soda (it's amazing on soap scum) and spray the mildew with bleach before you leave. (yes, I know YOUR tub is perfectly clean all the time and smells like roses, this is for the rest of us) Pick up any offensive messes on your way out the door.

STEP 2: Find your bath beads. Put together a bag or box full of items to pamper yourself with. Include things like a loofa, bath beads, bath salts, smelly soap, a NEW razor, deep conditioner, a pumice stone, your favorite face mask, fluffy towels, fluffy bath robe, favorite lotion, favorite music and music player, candles, and your favorite (clean) pjs. Put all these things in the bathroom, waiting for you. (out of reach of little hands or they will distroy your box of goodies)

STEP 3: Find the time. Have hubby watch the kids for an hour or dissapear for an hour after you put the kids down for bed. Make your favorite drink and go in the bathroom (bring a refill for your drink). LOCK THE DOOR. Make sure all family members know that you are not to be disturbed for 1 hour, for ANY reason. (I am in a tub full of water, a fire is not a good enough reason to interrupt my bath.)

STEP 4: Run your bath. Light the candles and arrange everything just right so there will be no need to get out of the tub once you are in. Turn music on. Get in tub. Procede to use everything you have gathered and pamper yourself for a full hour (ignore the crying baby, hubby can handle it for an hour, turn music up louder to compensate).

STEP 5: Back to reality. Get out of the tub and into your pjs, making sure to use your lotion and fluffy towels and bath robe. Return to the world feeling refreshed, pampered and defrumpified. Repeat weekly for best results.

That's it, 5 easy steps to a beauty bath. For more more Fight the Frump Friday tips visit Fussy.