Friday, February 8, 2008

I joined the league!

In an effort to come out of my introverted shell, I have joined the fabulous Mrs. Fussypants' League of Extraordinary Wives. I also plan on joining the Friday Fight the Frump series next week. (why not this week? a girl can only do so much in one day you know, give me time to get used to the idea of someone actually reading my blog before I go there) So now I have a place to go when I go on-line and I vow to no longer be just a lurker. I will take part in adult conversation, even if it is only on-line. I can do this. I am an Extraordinary Wife!
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Sandy C. said...

YAY! So glad you joined :) I'm curious about this Friday Fight the Frump.....

Being online surely helps with the adult conversation deprivation ;)

Grandy said...

All wives are extraordinary!! I found your site via the super hero mama league (my pet name for it). I'll come back and read more. Welcome to the club!!!